Make the Move to InstallShield 2020 and benefit from upgrade pricing.

InstallShield delivers consistent and reliable installs every time. With InstallShield, you can develop MSI and EXE installers and create Windows Server App and MSIX packages with minimal scripting, coding, and rework.

Upgrade to InstallShield 2020 today to take advantage of our latest features:

MSIX Modification Packages
Build MSIX modification packages from InstallShield for any MSIX package.

Pure 64 bit Launchers
Build pure 64 bit launchers for Basic MSI and Suite installers.

Support for AWS CloudHSM-based Digital Signing
Digitally sign your installers for build environments setup in AWS using CloudHSM certificates.

MSIX – Support for MSIX Core
Create a single suite installer targeting MSIX for both Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Find out which InstallShield edition works for you when you compare features per edition. Contact us today and benefit from upgrade pricing.

Offer limited to any users of InstallShield 2016 or older. Previous license upgrades not eligible. Other restrictions may apply. Offer expires September 30,2020.

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