For over 25 years, InstallShield has been the gold standard for building Windows software installations, used by every major software company in the world. More software developers trust InstallShield to give their software a flawless localized software installation experience, keeping their end users happy and support costs down.

With InstallShield Express you can:

  • Build InstallShield projects in an Azure DevOps pipeline
  • Create installations directly within Microsoft Visual Studio for MSI and EXE installers
  • Simplify virtual and cloud-based deployments
  • Benefit from simplified builds within Docker
  • Rely on a modern interface for easy, fast installations

Flexera's Division Serving Software and IoT Companies is now Revenera

"After our experience working with various installation software tools, we believe InstallShield is the right ‘plus’ to combine all of our installation requirements. InstallShield also met our basic need of making things simpler and saving time.”

Mano Sadeh—Engineer, Clearion Software

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InstallShield is for software developers. It is NOT for people trying to install a software program on their own computers. If you are having trouble installing a software program, please contact the company that built the software program. Or you can visit Consumer Central at