In 2018, Microsoft announced a game changer—a new packaging format called MSIX. With security, ease of use and reliability as key benefits of MSIX, it continues to gain adoption today. MSIX enables developers to provide a native auto-update experience without integrating third-party updater tools. Enterprises can stay current and ensure their applications are always up to date while at the same time targeting a large user base.

What problems does MSIX solve? What is the easiest way to build MSIX packages? What impact has MSIX had over the last several years as organizations have ramped up both acceptance and implementation?

Join our expert speakers in an upcoming roundtable discussion and learn more about how developers can retain as much code as possible as they continue to innovate and modernize applications.

We look forward to your attendance.


Venkat Ram Donga
Senior Product Manager

Kiran Mantagi
Senior Product Manager

Kendra Morton
Principal, Product Marketing Programs

Bob Kelly
Director, Product Management

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Thursday, May 26, 2022
Location: Virtual Event
Event Time: 11am – 12pm Eastern US