MSIX is the newest replacement for the MSI and Setup EXE installer technologies that have been around for decades. MSIX continues to gain acceptance and adoption because of the benefits it brings in terms of security, ease of use, and reliability in application installations. It represents a new, modern runtime environment intended to protect both your application and end-user systems.

You’ll want to read this one-of-a-kind book if your goal is to retain as much code as you can while modernizing your applications for the new world of containerized packages.

Written by the acknowledged world expert on MSIX, Tim Mangan, as well as co-authors from Flexera and Revenera, this book covers:

  • Why MSIX
  • What MSIX brings to the world of software development
  • The right framework to create a project to modernize your applications
  • Basic concepts about running code in an MSIX container
  • How the Package Support Framework (PSF) can help solve common issues faced by developers
  • A guide to creating a new MSIX project and steps you’ll need to take to convert existing products to MSIX

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