Take a proactive approach to managing what’s up ahead

“Keep moving forward.” Not bad advice, most of the time. Sometimes just looking forward, however, means we haven’t taken a beat to consider everything going on around us. That’s especially true right now regarding open source and third-party component management. Times are changing. Requirements are changing. Threats are changing.

In the second installment of Revenera’s Open Source Exchange, a panel of experts will discuss why it’s important to look left, consider the current open source software landscape, and begin laying a proactive foundation to deal with inevitable changes around license governance and vulnerability management.

Expert panelists discussed and answered the following key questions:

  • What’s current in the regulatory movement around open source use; a timeline of events and evaluation of where we are and where we’re headed
  • The impact of world events on security management
  • The role of SPDX and other formats in supply chain management
  • The role of OpenChain compliance and a real-life example of meeting OpenChain’s certification requirements
  • How are organizations changing in order to manage a more mature software supply chain
  • The increasing need for better, stronger software developer training at the moment of need in the software development lifecycle

Alex Rybak
Director of Product Management

Andreas Kotulla
Founder & CEO

Andy Knapp
Regional Sales Director
Secure Code Warrior

Neeraj Thakur
Staff Product Security Engineer

Stephen Pakan
GTC Law Group

Kendra Morton
Principal, Product Marketing Programs

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