Transform Your Software Supply Chain Maturity

Organizations can no longer ignore the threat landscape of potential security and software compliance issues leading to negative financial impact. It's in your best interest to create a strategy to control the risk—take proactive steps to secure the software supply chain.

Watch Revenera and a panel of experts to discuss:

  • Trends in open source and third-party software management
  • Ongoing regulatory changes such as the evolving Executive Order from the U.S. government
  • What's next in terms of communicating vulnerabilities through tools such as VDR and VEX
  • The criticality of implementing a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and what organizations should be doing
  • Real world security assurance with OpenChain best practices
  • What's happening in the software supply chain in industries such as government, automotive, and medical device manufacturing

Kendra Morton
Principal, Product Marketing Programs

Alex Rybak
Senior Director, Product Management

Shane Coughlan
OpenChain General Manager
Linux Foundation

Russ Eling
OSS Consultants

Heather Meeker
General Partner
OSS Capital

Marcus Lucero
Sr. Open Source Analyst

Stephen Gillespie

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