The open source world is maturing and with that maturity comes the expectation that you can trust the open source used in software solutions. Studies show that a large percentage of mainstream IT organizations and manufacturers leverage open source in applications, libraries, containers, etc. Open source software license compliance and vulnerability management have never been more important, and trends are taking us down the path of enhanced clarity and tighter controls. The place to start in the software supply chain is with the open source Bill of Materials (BOM).

Watch this on-demand webinar with Mark Gisi, Director of the Open Source Program Office at Wind River Systems, and Michael Lelchuk, Manager of Professional Services at Revenera as they discuss:

  • Increased emphasis on compliance due to industry regulatory requirements
  • Compliance and risk management trends leading to more open source clarity
  • The importance of the BOM and the role it plays
  • The role of Software Composition Analysis
  • How to create an open source management program to support you now and in the future

Mark Gisi
Director of Open Source Programs
Wind River Systems

Mark Gisi, Director of Open Source Programs at Wind River Systems, is manager of the open source program office responsible for open source adoption, risk mitigation, community engagement and innovation acceleration. Mark is also a lead contributor to the Hyperledger Software Parts (SParts) lab project and chair of the Linux Foundation's OpenChain Specification working group. Mark holds a MS degree in Computer Science and a BS degree in Mathematics.

Michael Lelchuk
Manager of Professional Services

Michael Lelchuk is Manager of Professional Services at Revenera. After working as a statistical analyst for CSAA insurance Michael started working at Palamida in 2006 as a Sr. License Compliance Analyst. He has worked in Software Composition Analysis space for over 13 years managing audit projects before moving on to his current role of managing the global audit services team at Revenera. Michael is a graduate from the University of California, Berkeley.

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