64% of organizations in 2021 experienced an attack on their software supply chain*. To make matters more alarming, most teams lack the resources, budget, and knowledge to manage a crisis.

Revenera's 2022 Report on Software Supply Chain Compliance presents over a dozen key data points key to managing the software supply chain. Read this report to understand how to better seize the opportunities provided by OSS while protecting IP and potential revenue leakage from increased risk.

In this report, Revenera compiled license compliance and vulnerability data from 2021 audit services projects. The analysis shows:

  • The prevalence of open source and related issues
  • The under-reporting of uses
  • Importance of scan depth
  • Resulting license compliance and security vulnerabilities
  • Steps to shore up your software supply chain

* Anchore, Anchore 2021: Software Supply Chain Security Report

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