In the past 10 years, the impact of open source on how software is developed is enormous. Today over half of a software product is open source – developed outside the organization. As data breaches continue to stay in the news, what processes and tools do you need to adopt to make sure your open source usage is secure and compliant?

The Big Process Gap

Software suppliers often find themselves out of compliance with their open source licensing obligations. Suppliers miss or ignore known vulnerabilities because they’re not tracking them or managing dependencies – think Apache Struts 2. The impact of not managing third party components creates security problems and legal issues that can put suppliers’ business models at risk.

Is this exposure fact or fiction? Revenera surveyed more than 400 commercial software suppliers and in-house software development teams within enterprises about their open source practices. For the first time, Revenera shines a light on open source security and compliance practices and their impact in a series of reports. Get the report today!

Research Report