In this panel discussion leaders and knowledge experts from a range of industries talk about the impact of ChatGPT, AI, machine learning, and other technologies on the open source community. What should security, legal, and software development teams be doing to better manage SBOMs and provide effective risk mitigation?

"Computer-aided software engineering was all the rage thirty years ago and it was going to replace all the developers, and nobody was going to have to write code anymore. This seems a little bit familiar. I also like to think thirty years in the future, what is [Generative AI] going to look like? Perhaps we're at a point where some people are confusing progress with success. We're definitely on the path to something very interesting and innovative and new, and a lot of challenges" David Cuka, FOSS Program Manager at Bank of America

Panelists include:

  • Dr. Chris Wood, CTO and Founder, C Suite Financial and IT Consulting
  • David Cuka, FOSS Program Manager at Bank of America
  • Lynn Westfall, Software Supply Chain Expert & Consultant
  • Leon Schwartz, Principal at GTC Law Group, and
  • Alex Rybak, Sr. Director of Product Management at Revenera

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