A Senior Executive’s Guide to Managing Open Source Risk to Protect Reputation and Corporate Value

Whether your organization supplies software alone or embedded in devices or machinery, you need it to be robust, secure and legally compliant. Security vulnerabilities or licensing loopholes stemming from open source software can result in product recalls, the loss of valuable IP and terrible damage to your reputation and bottom line.

These risks can be successfully mitigated by understanding how they arise and the key management principles you need to put in place to manage them.

In this webinar, Christian Bartsch, Partner at international law firm Bird & Bird, will give an overview of legal issues software suppliers must be aware of and the ramifications of leaving them unmanaged.

Martin Callinan, Founder of Open Source Software consultancy, Source Code Control, will explain the simple and effective management principles your organization needs to adopt to manage these open source software risks appropriately.


Christian Bartsch
Bird & Bird

Martin Callinan
Founder and Director
Source Code Control

Risk Management & IP Value Protection for Software Suppliers