Open Source Software is now used in over 95% of software developments with dramatic increases in the last few years. The ability to reuse components of code already created allows development teams to create more code, with more functionality, faster. Free and Open Source Software also enables open standards; widespread creativity and makes applications more interoperable.

But with the increasing adoption, organizations must learn to navigate the risks arising with software licensing obligations and compliance issues.

Citing practices in the Linux Foundation’s OpenChain Specification, this webinar will provide participants with the latest industry insights and recommendations for the successful management of the use of Open Source Software in their software development processes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The extent to which the vast majority of software developments include Open Source software
  • How it becomes part of an organization
  • The risks involved in using it
  • Learn how to navigate the risks to capitalize on the Free and Open Source Software opportunity
  • The latest Open Source Software management practices recommended by the Linux Foundation

You can claim CPD credit for attending this webinar.

Managing Open Source Software correctly will enable you to create professional, reusable open software!


Martin Callinan
Founder and Director of Source Code Control

Phyto Michael
Senior Solution Engineer, Revenera