Popular Open Source projects, data breaches and botnets. 2017 definitely had a lot of attention from cybersecurity professionals.

Join Jeff Luszcz, VP of Product Management for Revenera, as he discusses how Open Source has grown to be such a big part of the Cybersecurity portfolio . Jeff will also share special insights from Revenera's Open Source auditing team for the past year.

Join us to hear about:

  • Open Source vulnerabilities in 2017.
  • Closing the risk window - How long do you really have to mitigate a vulnerability once it is discovered?
  • How do GDPR laws affect your use of Open Source?
  • What organizations can do to improve their processes to manage OSS usage?

Jeff Luszcz
VP of Product Management, Revenera

Jeff Luszcz is the VP of Product Management and is responsible for product strategy for Software Composition Analysis solution from Revenera. Previously, Jeff was Founder & CTO of Palamida (acquired by Revenera), a leading provider of Open Source discovery and vulnerability management solutions which helped software development organizations understand how to best use open source while complying with their license obligations and managing security vulnerability risk. Jeff also led the Professional Services team at Palamida responsible for open source compliance and security audits and performed reviews for some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the technology industry. Prior to Palamida, Jeff spent six years as a software engineer at NASA Ames Research Center where he implemented software for simulation and visualization of flat panel display technology and their related human factors. Jeff has been active in the Java, Macintosh and Open Source software communities and is the author of several well-known Macintosh software utilities and has served as a technical editor for Wrox Press.