Join Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager at the Linux Foundation, and other experts as they discuss the story behind the story; what prompted OpenChain—highly focused on open source license compliance—to create and release the Security Assurance Reference Guide? Learn more about best practices and a thorough approach to open source and third-party component management.

"We found that the license compliance standard which had been in market for a while and was, let's say, battle proven, was picked up by companies who were looking at security optics and they started using that -ish for security. So, our community naturally said, well let's talk about that and let's make a guide about what's useful from the license compliance optic with the security perspective…and let's talk about what's missing." Shane Coughlan, Linux Foundation

Register today and get comprehensive guidance from leading experts:

  • Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager, Linux Foundation
  • Russ Eling, Founder, OSS Consultants
  • Stephen Gillespie, Partner, Fenwick
  • Marcus Lucero, Sr. Open Source Analyst, Revenera
  • Heather Meeker, General Partner, OSS Capital
  • Alex Rybak, Sr. Director of Product Management, Revenera

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