OpenChainThe global supply chain has a great number of interconnected companies sharing software from silicon to finished products. Issues in transferring software between entities can result in errors that lead to product delays, consume resources to remediate and could potentially cause companies legal risk.

The OpenChain Project is designed to assist with reducing errors and increasing efficiency. It manages a standard that identifies the key recommended processes for a quality open source compliance program. Companies that adopt these processes can share a greater degree of trust than companies that do not adhere to the standard.

In this webinar Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager, will provide an overview of the OpenChain Project, its standard and the reference materials that support adoption. The outcome will be a clear explanation of how suppliers can provide software to purchasers with less complexity, resource and cost and at a faster pace.

Points covered:

  • Overview of the software supply chain; why is OpenChain necessary
  • What is OpenChain and how does it address software supply chain issues
  • How is OpenChain being deployed in the market right now

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Shane Coughlan
General Manager, OpenChain

Jeff Luszcz
Vice President, Product Management

The Linux Foundation's OpenChain Project Explained