An expert panel addresses the critical role legal plays in supporting a company's management of open source and third-party components and, given the current environment where teams are dealing with increased security threats, more regulations, and pressure to secure the software supply chain, how has that role evolved.

"It's [code scanning review] no longer just a check-the-box exercise. 'We did the code scan, we got the results. Great, let's move on.' People are starting to ask the smarter questions. How are you using these things that we've now found. What's being done?" Leon Schwartz, Principal, GTC Law

Learn more from these high-profile legal, open-source license and security professionals:

  • Andreas Kotulla, Founder & CEO, Bitsea
  • Michael Lelchuk, Senior Manager Consulting Services, Revenera
  • Marty Mellican, VP & Associate General Counsel, Revenera
  • Felix Ronin, Senior Software Composition Analyst, Adobe
  • Leon Schwartz, Principal, GTC Law