Two good reasons to conduct an open source audit. One, if you're a software provider, you really need to know what open source and third-party components are in your code in order to comply with the associated licenses. Two, it's almost required these days to conduct an audit if you're going through an M&A transaction. Both reasons have potential legal implications.

"A policy is only as good as your ability to enforce it and your ability to validate that it's actually working. To me, that audit, if you've never done one before, now is the time to do one." Marty Mellican, VP & Associate General Counsel, Revenera

Listen to our panel of experts as they discuss open source code audit trends, recent changes, and actions organizations should take now to secure their software supply chain.

  • Andreas Kotulla, Founder & CEO, Bitsea
  • Michael Lelchuk, Senior Manager Consulting Services, Revenera
  • Marty Mellican, VP & Associate General Counsel, Revenera
  • Felix Ronin, Senior Software Composition Analyst, Adobe
  • Leon Schwartz, Principal, GTC Law

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