Open Source Software (OSS) use is rising globally across all industries. Every company today – whether they are offering software or not – is a software company. As counsel, you can enable the companies you work with to better manage any potential legal risks that might be inherent with OSS use. If left unchecked, the lack of knowledge, policies and procedures can result in costly litigation and bottom-line impact.

What is your role as legal counsel? How can you lead the charge to set license compliance policies, manage and remediate security vulnerabilities, and protect company IP?

Join this webinar and get crucial insights to the above and more:

  • Key data points that emphasize there's a lack of understanding regarding the amount of OSS companies are using
  • The range of OSS risk and what that means to you
  • Actionable steps and tips for managing OSS risk including available tools, how to flag issues, implement policy, and update agreements

Marty Mellican
Vice President and

Mr. Mellican manages many aspects of Revenera's legal needs, including all agreements related to licensing both on premise and cloud software as well as providing related consulting services related to the installation, configuration and deployment of Revenera's many products. Other responsibilities include overseeing mergers and acquisitions, corporate entity management, third party intellectual property licensing, employment matters and export compliance.

Amy Chun
Knobbe Martens

Amy's practice is truly broad and deep, and includes due diligence investigations, licensing negotiations, national and international patent prosecution, open source policy assessment and risk mitigation, patent and trade secret litigation, inter partes review, and covered business methods review. While she has worked with a variety of technologies, Amy focuses on distributed computing systems, cybersecurity, fraud prevention/detection, e-commerce, cloud computing, social media, fintech, mobile computing, internet technology, SaaS, big data analytics, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and general computer software.

The Role of In-House and External Counsel in Managing Open Source