It's a lot like that hottest new thing. You see "it" everywhere and everyone is talking about it like, "Gotta have it!" If you're smart, you start asking the right questions. What do I really know about the shiny new toy? Why do I need to have it? What's it going to do for me?

Enter the Software Bill of Materials. We're sure you've heard this one, "It's a list of ingredients in your software." So what? Why is that important?

Dr. Chris Wood CISSP with Lockheed Martin and Alex Rybak, Senior Director of Product Management at Revenera are going to cut through the SBOM noise and provide a no-nonsense guide to SBOMs:

  • Why SBOMs are the shiny new toy
  • What data should be collected in an SBOM
  • What exactly is an actionable SBOM
  • Once you have an SBOM, what do you do with it
  • Who needs to produce SBOMs and why
  • What the future looks like

Alex Rybak
SR. Director Product Management

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