Get real-world guidance in this information-rich webinar as a panel of experts talk about where enterprise organizations and software providers should start their software bill of materials management journey. How important is attribution, third-party notices, and open source license compliance relative to SBOM creation and consumption?

"I think organizations might consider taking a more wholistic approach to this problem of how does an SBOM go together, how might you contribute all of these elements to an SBOM, because they require different elements of expertise. I don't think it can be just security, just the OSPO, or just the dev teams on their own…SBOM management is just one part of a bigger system that manages your overall use of open source or software more broadly." Russ Eling, OSS Consultants

Panel includes:

  • Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager, Linux Foundation
  • Russ Eling, Founder, OSS Consultants
  • Stephen Gillespie, Partner, Fenwick
  • Marcus Lucero, Sr. Open Source Analyst, Revenera
  • Heather Meeker, General Partner, OSS Capital
  • Alex Rybak, Sr. Director of Product Management, Revenera

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