A comprehensive, effective secure application strategy is more important today than ever before. Security breaches are on the rise and the average cost of a data breach is over $3.8 million, according to IBM’s “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020.” No strategy is complete unless it includes the tools and processes for managing Intellectual Property (IP) and compliance risk in addition to embracing sound security best practices.

If you are in software development, security, or compliance, sign up to listen to this webinar to learn more about implementing software composition analysis to manage additional risk associated with building and shipping software applications. You’ll learn:

  • The Basics of a Security Program (high-level overview for SAST/DAST/SCA)
  • How SCA contributes to your existing security program (address the open source security blind spot)
  • How to achieve collaboration between your dev/IP team and security team

Director, Product Management

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