In this panel discussion leaders from a range of industries talk about the software supply chain and cybersecurity.

Application security should be a high-level priority throughout the software development lifecycle—if you're creating software—and a significant step in the software acquisition process for all organizations. Detecting and stopping threats as soon as possible—before creating havoc—is a strategic operation many companies may be neglecting.

"It is really important that you enable productivity in engineering, and ingenuity, and all those fun things that engineers really want to do…Security teams need to focus on empowering that. Our mission is to empower secure software to be sold. It is not to be a roadblock and sometimes you need to put those different hats on and weigh those things heavily." Christine Gadsby, VP of Product Security at BlackBerry

Hear more from this high-profile panel of leaders:

  • Christine Gadsby, VP of Product Security, BlackBerry
  • Conal Gallagher, CIO & CISO, Flexera
  • Walter Haydock, Founder & CEO, StackAware
  • Joel Ratnasothy, CEO, Interneuron
  • Nicole Segerer, SVP & General Manager, Revenera

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