An expert panel gives their perspective on what trends enterprise and software companies should consider in their open source and software supply chain strategies.

"I've seen increased requests…for guidance toward a single SCA solution that can support all or multiple build environments and languages." Russ Eling, OSS Consultants
"The idea that whatever tool you happen to be using, ingest and export of key software bill of materials should be seamless." Shane Coughlan, Linux Foundation
"I think we're getting to the point where open source is the rule and proprietary is the exception. People are beginning to accept that they need to understand open-source licensing more." Heather Meeker, OSS Capital

Learn more about the above and other trends from these high-profile open-source license and security professionals:

  • Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager, Linux Foundation
  • Russ Eling, Founder, OSS Consultants
  • Stephen Gillespie, Partner, Fenwick
  • Marcus Lucero, Sr. Open Source Analyst, Revenera
  • Heather Meeker, General Partner, OSS Capital
  • Alex Rybak, Sr. Director of Product Management, Revenera

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