Anyone takes a chance when purchasing a "used" anything – car, appliance, boat, home, etc. Despite all the research and due diligence, sometimes exactly what is purchased only becomes truly obvious once it's completely in the hands of the new owner.

M&A events are-in some respects-no different. But, as legal counsel during M&A efforts, you are the primary point of contact with the principal responsibility of getting the deal from start to finish smoothly and in a timely manner. Your forward path should lead to a go/no go decision based on facts and evidence.

What are some potential roadblocks to look for? In this on-demand webinar, our legal panel will address:

  • What issues to be aware of during due diligence events related to IP, corporate structures, and open source software
  • How do particular findings and outcomes get integrated into purchase agreements
  • What you should focus on post-close
  • The role of Representations & Warranty insurance for issue mitigation

Amy Chun
Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear LLP

W. Colby Gifford
Goldberg Kohn


Marty Mellican

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