The digital economy has created a need in the world of software development to find new ways of delivering innovative software solutions and software updates faster than ever before. Development teams are—understandably so—increasingly using open source software.

“…modern DevOps teams are now more predisposed to seek out OSS solutions to help them more rapidly deliver value to their end users,” says Jim Mercer, Research Director, DevOps and DevSecOps with IDC.*

This increase requires a more demanding need for Software Composition Analysis to detect security and license compliance issues.

Read “Addressing the Hidden Cost of Embedding Open Source Software” report from IDC and learn:

  • Why nearly 43% of survey respondents report open source use will be a strategic initiative by the year 2022
  • The real costs associated with open source use and the importance of a Software Bill of Materials (SBoM)
  • Benefits of using Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to manage open source
  • Considerations for adopting a SCA strategy

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*IDC Analyst Brief, Sponsored by Revenera, “Addressing the Hidden Cost of Embedding Open Source Software,” #US46977220, November 2020

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