Motivations, Strategies and Best Practices for Success

What is an OSPO? The OSPO helps organizations develop and manage their open-source strategy by establishing and enforcing policies related to OSS and third-party component usage, licensing compliance, legal issues, OSS community engagement, contributions to OSS projects and more. It is designed to be the center of excellence for an organization's open source operations and structure.

The risks and complexities inherent in OSS make it unwise to adopt a laissez faire attitude toward the technology. Left alone, unsupervised use of OSS will almost certainly lead to disasters of one kind or another. To avoid this negative outcome, an organization that uses OSS should run an organized open-source management program.

At a minimum, an open-source program embodies a set of policies that guide the use of OSS and compliance with OSS licenses.

Read this white paper to understand:

  • Responsibilities of an OSPO
  • How an OSPO helps mitigate security and license compliance risk
  • Strategies and best practices
  • Key stakeholders
  • What makes the foundation of a successful OSPO

The Open Source Program Office Whitepaper

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