To build, or to buy? That's the question technology companies typically face when evaluating solutions for software licensing, entitlement management, and compliance – and getting these factors right is essential for success, particularly for SaaS product development. At its core, this decision boils down to three choices: create a homegrown solution, leverage a purpose-built platform, or do nothing at all.

This guide explores the possible scenarios for each of these approaches and lays out key considerations to keep in mind, such as:

  • The types of licensing and monetization models your business needs to support – and whether these will change over time as you transition to SaaS revenue models
  • Engineering and resource considerations; would maintaining an in-house solution divert from core product development?
  • Standardizing the customer experience and enabling self-service across all product lines, from on-premises to SaaS implementation
  • The need to monitor compliance and the benefits of tracking usage

Whether you are considering a homegrown option, a purpose-built solution, or even doing nothing for your software monetization needs, this guide is worth a read. Download your copy today for practical insights on how to build a SaaS product, streamline operations, and grow recurring revenue.

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