Software suppliers are experiencing entitlement friction when expanding their product lines, implementing new business models, or automating quote-to-cash (Q2C) systems.

IDC's Mark Thomason, Research Director, Digital Business Models and Monetization, has published a new report on Entitlement Management (EM), and how software publishers can improve business operations with centralized solutions.

The report identifies several issues with open source, custom code, or manual approaches to EM, and highlights the benefits of purpose-built solutions that empower flexibility and automation.

Download the report to see how:

  • Entitlement friction restricts scalability and growth.
  • Centralized EM enables multiple deployment, licensing, and SKU options.
  • Stakeholders can work together to build a business case for commercial EM investments.

Purpose-built Entitlement Management ensures a single source of truth, allowing you to gain usage insights, monitor compliance, and accelerate revenue recognition as part of a unified monetization strategy.

For expert advice on upgrading EM efficiency, please download your free copy of IDC's PlanScape report now.

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