2022 marks the fourth year of Revenera's Monetization Monitor series, first published in 2019. The popular reports focus on: software monetization models and strategies, software usage analytics, and software compliance & piracy. All reports are based on 261 responses to a global survey conducted by Revenera from April-July 2022.

Below is a brief snapshot of each report:

Monetization Monitor: Software Monetization Models and Strategies 2022
The first report in this series takes the pulse of software producers, offering benchmarks to help technology companies manage the complexity of hybrid monetization and deployment models. It illustrates the importance of data and analytics in providing insights into utilization, adoption, engagement—and ultimately success for software suppliers and their customers.

Monetization Monitor: Software Usage Analytics 2022
The second report in the series builds upon findings presented in Software Monetization Models and Strategies 2022. This report evaluates the trends around how software producers collect and analyze software usage data, and also identifies areas of potential improvement.

Monetization Monitor: Software Piracy and Compliance 2022
This final report in Revenera's 2022 Monetization Monitor series identifies trends in software piracy, overuse and misuse. It illustrates the importance of proactive, data-driven insights to help prevent future losses.

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