Monitoring piracy can be a key driver for new business, highlighting numerous 'sales ready leads' who already use your software but don't currently pay for it.

You may be surprised at the number of illegal users you can convert into customers, so please join John Hollows, Senior License Compliance Operations Manager at Bentley Systems, in conversation with Revenera's Victor DeMarines and Erin Barrett, as they discuss:

  • How to take a data-driven approach to software piracy
  • How to negotiate settlements and communicate future rules
  • How to nurture renewals for recurring revenue

Software suppliers experience varying degrees of piracy, but rather than view at is a problem, you can enjoy great success by changing your mindset and regarding it as an opportunity for growth. Sign up for this hands-on session to see how John and his team are turning piracy into profit.


John Hollows
Senior License Compliance Operations Manager
Bentley Systems

Victor DeMarines
VP of Product Management, Software Monetization

Erin Barrett
Manager, Data Success

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