Growing software suppliers frequently struggle with entitlement management systems, especially when expanding their product lines, implementing new business models, or automating quote-to-cash (Q2C). This frequently causes errors, revenue leakage, unhappy customers, and prevents publishers from deriving actionable insights into their customer.

Join guest speaker Mark Thomason, IDC's Research Director - Digital Business Models and Monetization, for this webinar on improving your entitlement management practices.

During the session, we'll cover:

  • How a centralized solution can support both on-premises and SaaS customers.
  • How embedded analytics can help you demonstrate customer value and avoid churn.
  • Whether to build or buy your system, and the KPIs to focus on.

As your business evolves, you need an integrated and agile approach that offers flexibility and speed, allowing you to meet expectations while accelerating Q2C.

However, the real secret to success is creating a single source of truth that monitors compliance and customer health, so please join us as we share practical advice on the steps you should take.


Mark Thomason
Research Director - Digital Business Models and Monetization

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