Use Software Licensing to Strengthen Your Business

Licensing is about a lot more than just controlling the use of your software. Modern licensing solutions support a variety of business models, allowing you to reach new markets and increase revenue. You can manage compliance in a flexible way, based on the desired customer experience - covering everything from strict enforcement to trust-but-verify models – or based on where your software is running – on-premises, on a device, in the Cloud or as a SaaS solution. That stops revenue leakage and enables you to grow your topline. Also, you can bundle and package your software in different ways, all based on the same codebase, providing more customer flexibility without adding complexity to your engineering process.

Join Revenera Product Manager Mark Shinn as he explains:

  • How software vendors can use software licensing to strengthen their business.
  • What licensing technologies you can use for different deployment models - from the edge to the cloud – using software SDKs or REST API frameworks
  • How licensing can be the driver behind your monetization and packaging strategy

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