Connected Products are the center of a manufacturer's business. They are the new platform for value added services, competitive differentiation and revenue streams. With new tools at your disposal, you and your customers can have valuable insights into the health of your products and your customers' operations. It is now possible to deliver new features and fix problems via smart services and intelligent software updates - taking customer satisfaction, product quality, security and revenue options to the next level.

But managing and updating devices at the edge comes with challenges that don't exist in the homogeneous, simpler domain of IT endpoint management. Join Revenera and MachineShop as they discuss how you can deliver smart services and operational intelligence through connected products and apply best practices to remote device monitoring and management.

You will learn:

  • How to simplify deployment and provisioning
  • How you deliver and deploy updates to devices that are either never or only intermittently connected to the internet
  • What you can learn about your/your customer's devices in the field
  • How to incorporate edge device management and computing into a competitive weapon and grow your business

Excellence Starts at the Edge