Growing top-line revenue is always a challenge in the always competitive software market. Taking a proactive approach to software license compliance can grow your business. By identifying those infringing use of your applications, you take the first step to accelerate the conversion of overuse to sales.

Join us for a roundtable discussion with Rafael Amaral, Senior Partner at Brazilian intellectual property firm Kasznar Leonardos and Revenera’s Meishan Piao, Director of Services, Rob Neff, Manager, Global Installation, and Michael Goff, Principal, Product Marketing.

  • How and why to take a data-driven approach to building a pipeline of license compliance opportunities
  • Best practices for acting on global infringement data to maximize revenue and build long term customer value
  • How to implement a license compliance program while focusing on your company’s core competencies

Given the increasing number of people working outside of corporate networks, we’ll also explore how to leverage ISP data in various jurisdictions around the globe to generate new license revenue.


Meishan Piao
Director of Services

Rafael Amaral
Senior Partner
Kaznar Leonardos


Rob Neff
Manager, Global Installation


Michael Goff
Principal, Product Marketing

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