Whether you look at the latest statistics from the BSA or Revenera's Top 20 list of Software Piracy Hotspots, China tops the list for the unlicensed use of software. While many software suppliers may choose to ignore software license compliance programs in China, others are seeing significant success protecting their rights and recovering license revenue.

Chris Bailey, Principal at Rouse notes: "Software companies are naturally reluctant to use the 'stick' of litigation against potential customers but raising the deterrence level is also important to drive licensing deals. Surprisingly, few in the industry have taken advantage of the speed and reliability of China's courts to settle licensing disputes. The highest compensation amounts have been awarded to major foreign software licensors who understood how to apply the tools available to obtain evidence of piracy. Soon, new legislation and a willingness of the courts to accept technical evidence such as 'phone home' tracking software should give an even greater boost to licensors looking for efficient and effective license conversion."

Register to listen to the conversation with Chris Bailey and Landy Jiang, Partner at Lushung, Rouse's network law firm in China and learn:

  • How foreign plaintiffs are achieving an average win rate of 83.5% in China
  • The impact of the Personal Information Protection Law that went into effect in November 2021. on collecting telemetry data on software license infringement
  • The importance of capturing evidence of infringement because there is no discovery process in China
  • The elements of building a successful case in China and the role of telemetry data in securing Evidence Preservation Orders

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