New IoT business models are great – and are even better when they actually work!

Join R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder at Constellation Research, and Revenera's Director of Strategy and Product Management, Matthew Dunkley, as they discuss the top priorities that can help you:

  • Refine your digital strategy
  • Support your business model with the right technology
  • Make sure that your IoT management and monetization approach is up to current standards

Future-proof Your IoT Business Model

Ray will take you through a definition of IoT success. He will share how to set your course for digital transformation and what it means for your business model and customer relationship. Learn to monetize more effectively.

Get Ready for the Edge

Everyone's talking about edge computing, but what are the trends that are driving the market? Where's your benefit? And what's needed to define and run a secure and profitable IoT offering and drive value from data and insights? Matthew and Ray will shed some light on this!

Manage Well and Monetize What Matters

Lastly, only those who manage their IoT offerings well will succeed. Matthew will take you through the cornerstones of IoT Monetization – know your customers, manage software and devices, automate updates and monetize what matters.


R "Ray" Wang
Principal Analyst and Co-Founder
Constellation Research

Constellation Research

Matthew Dunkley
Director of Strategy and Product Management, Software Monetization


Monetize the IoT – From the Edge to the Cloud

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