Many industrial device and equipment vendors are shifting from a hardware-oriented business to one built on new monetization models driven by software and services. As the IoT has matured it has become apparent that software is central to differentiation and delivering ongoing customer value. To be a successful IIoT device company, you must be a successful software company. And successful software companies have learned to optimize all aspects of their operations including; understanding the usage of their product, maximizing revenues from their digital products, automating software operations, even keeping disconnected devices and machines updated with the latest software versions.

Watch now as we explain how software monetization can help make the digital side of your business successful:

  • Driving flexibility in your digital business models
  • Unlocking the full revenue potential of your IoT solution
  • Understanding the importance of usage data in managing a software business
  • Implementing centralized, standardized software monetization platforms to raise the level of your software operations

Scott Niemann
Director, Product Management

Michael Goff
Principal, Product Marketing

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