Part 3 of the Path to SaaS Monetization Series

The move to SaaS applications and subscription business models presents a unique challenge because it significantly changes the way your software business is run, measured, and valued. Technology CFOs play a critical role in ensuring a successful SaaS and subscription transition, and there’s a lot to consider when making this journey.

Join Flexera CFO, David Zwick, as he shares his experience transitioning to SaaS and subscription models, and take away best practices and valuable lessons on:

  • Managing the transition to SaaS and subscription models and the importance of related metrics such as ARR/MRR (Annual Recurring Revenue or Monthly Recurring Revenue), revenue retention, churn, and LTV (Lifetime value) of a customer
  • Managing the financial impact when moving from perpetual to subscription licensing
  • Operational processes, stakeholder communication and cross-team collaboration

Below are the links to keep up to date with the Path To SaaS Monetization Series:

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Part 2 - Plotting Your Course to SaaS: Technical Considerations for Product Packaging and Customer Entitlements


David Zwick
Chief Financial Officer

Michael Goff
Principal, Product Marketing

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