Part 2 of the Path to SaaS Monetization Series

Whether you’re an on-premises software supplier moving to SaaS or hybrid solutions or a SaaS vendor looking to scale and grow your business, entitlement management is critical to successful monetization. It provides product teams with the business agility they need to make product packaging and pricing a competitive differentiator.

Join Revenera’s VP, Products & Marketing Nicole Segerer and Director, Product Management Scott Niemann for a technical discussion of what you need to know to build a successful SaaS monetization strategy. We’ll cover:

  • The typical process for user authentication, authorization, and usage management
  • Back-office systems and how they can help drive automation and business agility
  • Entitlement management and enforcement strategies for multiple product lines
  • The pathway to consumption-based monetization models

Michael Goff
Principal, Product Marketing

Nicole Segerer
VP, Product Management & Marketing

Scott Niemann
Director, Product Management

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