Software delivery and the update process are critical parts of the customer experience. Revenera’s solution helps you get it right.

The Software Update solution helps you to:

  • Send updates and patches for software and devices—connected or disconnected
  • Deliver security fixes and keep your customers current
  • Use entitlement-driven updates for new versions to prevent revenue leakage

Electronic Software Delivery gives you the capabilities you need:

  • Entitlement-based downloads—only for eligible customers
  • Complete audit trail of customer activity showing who downloaded what, and when, allowing for timely and accurate revenue recognition.
  • Automated email notifications as new software releases and patches are available
  • Denied party validation and reporting for export compliance
  • Legal protection with EULA acceptance
  • Multiple download protocols—also supports large file sizes

Join Solution Engineer Fellow, Jim Berthold, as he walks you through the Revenera Software Delivery and Updates solution.

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