The move from perpetual to subscription is in full swing. IDC predict that by the end of this year "100% of organizations will have a migration plan in place to shift spending from perpetual software licenses to subscription-based pricing."

Software producers and buyers alike prefer subscription pricing as it provides more flexibility, is adaptable to customer needs and is an operational expenditure, rather than a capital investment. Subscription models are also prevalent in former hardware-centric industries like Medical, Networking or Manufacturing where device, software, services and data are bundled and offered based on a subscription model.

In this Revenera Webinar Cris Wendt, Industry Expert and Principal Consultant at Revenera, will walk you through best practices and considerations for producers that move to subscription:

  • How do you build the business case and find the right price points?
  • What is the market adoption and what are the pros and cons for producers and their customers?
  • How do you manage the shift from perpetual to subscription?
  • What are the operational considerations in a subscription business?

Cris Wendt
Revenera Software

Cris Wendt is a Principal Strategy Consultant at Revenera. He focuses on strategic business model issues relating to implementing licensing, as well as the internal change management aspects of undertaking this business transformation. With extensive licensing, compliance, pricing and entitlement management experience, he focuses on defining and deploying software monetization, licensing and pricing models for global intelligent device manufacturers and enterprise software vendors.

Best Practices in Subscription Licensing

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