Join us for a discussion about defining product success metrics to improve the customer's experience and the value they receive.

Solibri's Product Director, Juan Rodriguez, will share the story of the company's goal to be more data-driven – and what they have learned about their customers in the process. He will discuss how they now make decisions about adding new features and will cover:

  • How to define success metrics and the difference between success metrics and KPIs
  • Understanding how users are using new and existing features
  • The benefits of leveraging software usage data in the company dashboard
  • Their focus on ease of use and in-product education, and the impact on trial conversions
  • The customer lifecycle and Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue (AARRR) metrics

Juan will be joined by Revenera's Michael Goff, Principal, Product Marketing, as they discuss Solibri's process, learnings, and what's next and the takeaways for software product teams.


Juan Rodriguez
Product Director


Michael Goff
Product Marketing Principal

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