Collecting product usage data is just the start for Software Suppliers looking to make data-driven decisions to build better products, identify license compliance issues and grow their businesses. The ability to report on, visualize, and integrate usage data is the key to transforming it into actionable insights.

Watch Revenera's VP, Product Management, Software Monetization, Vic DeMarines to learn how software suppliers are leveraging software usage data to:

  • Align product roadmaps with customer needs
  • Inform their transition from on-prem software to SaaS
  • Leverage in-app messaging to increase trial conversions, upgrades and cross-selling
  • Quantify and Identify and address revenue leakage

We'll share real world case studies and examine the types of usage data that can yield significant and actionable insights.


Vic DeMarines
VP, Product Management, Software Monetization

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