Software Business Models and Monetization Trends – 2021 Outlook. Tackling Uncertainty Through Data

2020 has been a challenging year, but it also spurred new trends in the marketplace. Software and technology companies are among the quickest to adopt a new normal. With their end customers taking a closer look at spending, it becomes even more critical for technology vendors to get monetization right and to understand software product usage. Revenera and guest speaker IDC's Mark Thomason, Research Director, Digital Business Models and Monetization, will discuss research and trends that software suppliers should be aware of as they finalize their planning for 2021.

Mark will present findings from various IDC reports, share his 2021 predictions and provide guidance on the areas software companies should look into as they evolve their monetization models and usage analytics. He will discuss areas of focus where the greatest returns and value are likely to be. Scott Niemann, Principal Product Management at Revenera, will join Mark to discuss different software monetization strategies and case studies that enable you to learn from your peers.


Scott Niemann
Principal Product Management


Mark Thomason
Research Director, Digital Business Models and Monetization

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