What to Know Before Building Software Usage Analytics In House

Development teams are challenged to build increasingly competitive installed software, all while prioritizing a mounting backlog of new feature requests, balancing innovation with maintenance, managing growing technical debt, improving quality and usability, accelerating delivery, and reducing cost. Software usage analytics helps you address these challenges with actionable information about how users engage with your Windows, Mac, Linux, and Java applications.

As developers consider leveraging usage analytics, one early question they often face is: should we build or buy this capability?

This guide sheds light on that question for development and product management teams so you can understand the implications of your decision – ranging from turning data into insight, to time-to-market, to the direct and indirect costs of development and ongoing operation.

Download our Software Usage Analytics Buyer's Guide to understand what you need to know when implementing a solution, including:

  • How data is collected, stored and managed
  • How data is visualized for effective analysis and intelligence
  • Ease of implementation
  • Affect on product performance
  • Ability to integrate with external systems
  • Considerations for building your own solution

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