Understand User Behavior, Build Better Product

Being customer-obsessed is essential to delivering successful software products and increasing satisfied customers. Most software product managers only have access to limited data and anecdotal evidence of product use. Information that enables you to understand user behavior and make informed decisions that support customer needs is lacking at every stage of the product development process.

  • 62% of Product Managers say their biggest challenge is validating whether the market needs what they're building.
  • 36% of companies have a reliable process for understanding their customers.
Getting Started with Software Usage Analytics

Find out how you can bring software usage analytics and a razor-sharp focus on customer needs into your software development process:

  • Collect data and analyze user behavior from product definition through customer renewal
  • Use product usage metrics to set strategy, prioritize features, allocate resources
  • Gain internal alignment based on customer data
  • Preserve the product vision during design, build, and test
  • Get in touch with users like never before with in-app messaging and surveying
  • Use granular insights to increase customer acquisition, adoption, and retention

Let Take a Customer-Centric Approach to Product Management, Part 2 of our Building Better Applications with Software Analytics, be your guide.

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