GDPR Considerations When Implementing Software Usage Analytics

Tension exists between a person's right to privacy and an organization's right to collect personal information for the protection from fraud and improvement of their intellectual property. An organization can achieve balance by considering the laws and regulations in place within the jurisdictions where the organization's products may be used.

We have commissioned Privacy Ref to provide an overview of the latest changes to the European privacy environment and to highlight the applicability of GDPR to the use of software usage and compliance analytics.

In addition to showing that the our Compliance Intelligence and Usage Intelligence platforms can be implemented in a manner that is GDPR compliant, you will learn:

  • Concepts, principles, and definitions underlying GDPR
  • How GDPR applies to software producers deploying software analytics solutions
  • How the roles of Data Controllers and Data Processors apply
  • What approaches may be used to lawfully process personal information under GDPR
  • How GDPR requirements map to Revulytics software usage and compliance analytics solutions

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