"Businesses are under pressure to digitize their revenue operations so they can do business efficiently and easily adopt new business models while turning the operational and customer data into opportunity. IDC's monetization ecosystem helps business architects understand what they need so they can engage the right solution providers." — Mark Thomason, research director for Digital Business Models and Monetization

The software monetization evolution is underway driven by factors such as the proliferation of channels and marketplaces to sell through and to, rising pricing and selling complexity, the growing use of the subscription-based model and the growing drive to personalize the customer experience.

New monetization eco-systems are evolving to help software companies sell at the right price and deliver insights into customer requirements and behaviors that drive product development in the right direction.

This IDC Perspective:

  • Describes the monetization eco-system and describes its key functions
  • Describes how the functions can be used together to guide price optimization and deploy new business models quickly
  • Provides advice for the technology buyer about how to structure their buying decision and narrow down their needs to a shortlist of technology vendors

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