Messages Drive Engagement, Improve Performance

Leveraging anonymous usage data with contextual in-app messages is a better way to engage with your users. By delivering the right message to the right user at the right time, it can dramatically help drive adoption of key features, increase conversion rates, and retain existing customers.

All across the customer lifecycle, in-app messages can deliver a better customer experience for better business results.

  • 67% of consumers cite bad experiences as a reason for churn.
  • <4% of unhappy customers actually complain about it.
Getting Started with Software Usage Analytics

Find out how you can bring software usage analytics and a razor-sharp focus on customer needs into your software development process:

  • Collect data and analyze user behavior from product definition through customer renewal
  • Use product usage metrics to set strategy, prioritize features, allocate resources
  • Gain internal alignment based on customer data
  • Preserve the product vision during design, build, and test
  • Get in touch with users like never before with in-app messaging and surveying
  • Use granular insights to increase customer acquisition, adoption, and retention

Let A Product Manager's Guide to In-App Messaging to Engage, Convert and Delight Users, Part 3 of our Building Better Applications with Software Analytics, be your guide.

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