As reported by 53% of respondents to Revenera’s annual software industry survey, eliminating revenue leakage is one of the top reasons for changing monetization models. Yet nearly 1 in 5 suppliers aren’t sure of the causes of revenue leakage.

Many suppliers aren’t even aware of the scope of revenue leakage at their organization:

  • 41% don’t know how much revenue is lost to piracy
  • 36% don’t know how much revenue is lost to overuse
  • 39% don’t know how much revenue is lost to misuse

Misuse is the greatest cause of revenue leakage and is responsible for losses of more than 30%. Most software suppliers gain their insights into leakage through anecdotal reports (49%) while only 19% are proactively tracking leakage through usage data.

Do you know the sources and extent of revenue leakage at your organization? Download the report now for more details and statistics and to see how your company compares.

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